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GTX 660 Ti 3GB overheating?

Hello, Don't know the average temps for a video card, but my GTX 660 ti 3gb Superclocked edition from EVGA gets to about 175 F under load playing games.. Is that too hot? Thanks!
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  1. Its not too hot, but its quite warm unless you have a very conservative fan profile.
  2. I don't have EVGA 3GB but my 660TI from MSI runs at about 111 F while playing games. I plan on buying 2 but that sounds a little hot. Do you have it overclocked? Okay well, ^ he sounds more knowledgeable about the heat, so I guess I am good to put in another.
  3. how small is your case and how the fans set up?? one pulling air into the case and one out??
  4. smorizio said:
    how small is your case and how the fans set up?? one pulling air into the case and one out??

    Hello, I've got the SWITCH 810 case, with 3 fans blowing air in through the front, and 2 of those pointed towards the video card. One 140mm fan in the back blowing out, and 2 120mm fans blowing through a radiator out the top. The switch has a vent that I keep open all the time on the top.. Do you think it would help if I "Pressurized" the inside of the case? But maybe closing the vents and just blow air in? And I've heard EVGA cards run hotter, but this may be too hot.. And its Overclocked from factory.

    Thanks for the replys!
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    d!! you have all the fans and the right set up..push/pull set up. the issue now is that the vidoe card bios and drivers with nvidia dont speed the fan up unless the card starts cooking. people dont like to hear fan noise so nvidia keeps the fans at 30-40 percent of max speed. i would download msi afterburner and set a temp profile at 60 deg have the fans run at 100 percent. then rerun the ram and see if the temps are less.
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