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Which of these computers is better?

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  1. They are both good for everyday use. For gaming you need a good graphics card, and along with it you may need to upgrade the power supply accordingly.

    Go with the one that has better after sales service. Staples.
  2. Which one will be better for wow for example just on low or medium :)
  3. The Sam's Club Dell has integrated graphics. The Staples desktop has AMD Radeon HD 7560D graphics card which is a little better than the integrated graphics.

    If you are serious about gaming, go with either of these two desktops and upgrade the graphics card and PSU.
  4. Well, i'm asking this because i actually have the dell right now and my dad has the hp but on wow his runs at 80fps always and mine 60fps usually and goes down to 40. I don't know if mine is defective or not, could it be the video card on his like you said?
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    You are using integrated graphics, and he has a separate graphics card; not a great card but dedicated graphics. That is why you are seeing a difference.

    For serious gaming, both computers should have good graphics cards. To give you an idea of pricing, look for cards from $150 to $250 - there are too many to choose from.

    On my home-built desktop I have a GTX 660Ti 3 GB graphics card and the cost is around $300.
  6. Thanks man! so since he has a seperate graphics card it makes wow have more fps correct?
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  8. Yes. And if and when you decide to install a good graphics card like I mentioned, you too can expect better results.

    But remember that graphics cards use a lot of power. Check your PSU requirements too.
  9. But i'd need a better power supply but which one.
  10. Corsair, Seasonic, Antec, XFX - 500 watts or higher depending on the pricing. Sometimes a 650 watts PSU may be on sale priced lower than a 500 watts PSU of equal quality or even from the same manufacturer.

    Watch Newegg Shell Shocker, and Promos.
  11. The 7560d is integrated graphics. It is not a card. It is on the cpu. If you are going to add a card, add it to the i5, it is a better cpu.
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