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Should i upgrade

im going to but a msi 660 ti pe and i have an intel i5 760 no oc should i upgrade to a newer processor or mine is enough ?
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    more than enough for that gpu
  2. and is 230 wats enough for them both
  3. You may have a slight bottlneck but it's virtually nothing. I have the i7 930 and I OC'ed it for my gtx 680. If you don't want that then learn how to overclock your CPU.
  4. yea whats ur psu
  5. from what i can read it says eco tec atx-real230wats
  6. u will need to upgrade ur psu to 600w because ur will stuggle for power
  7. so i absolutely cant because upgrading my psu will result in a total dissemblance of the pc which is something im trying to avoid
  8. well im just saying ur will stuggle for power and u will need to upgrade ur psu to give power to all ur parts
  9. ok thanks
  10. no worries
  11. but i have a gt 9500 that is running with the i5 on the 230 wats is it bad
  12. you should be fine that gt 9500but if u want to upgrade to a gtx 660ti u will have to upgrade ur psu
  13. the best card you can support with that PSU is an HD 7750, which is only one-third as powerful as the GTX 660ti
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