Computer Case issues Gpu wont fit.

Ok so I have a Sapphire Radeon 7870 xt which is rather large.... It doesnt fit in the case i bought. I'm looking for a mid tower in the under $100 range. I was looking at the corsair 400r which is about $89.99 but does anyone have a better or maybe cheaper suggestion. I already went over budget here haha but on the suggestion of a friend I went with the 7870 instead of the 7850 without checking the size difference....
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  1. Which case do you have? I would recommend either the HAF 922 for a little bit more than $100 or like you said, the 400R is a great case.
  2. I bought a raidmax super atlas 295
  3. rather bought it b4 thats the one it wont fit in lol
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