8800GTX SLi Artifacts after Win 7 Update?


I have two 8800gtx in Sli - old I know but they're getting me through until I save enough for the 690gtx - and after installing recent Win 7 updates, every game i have plays with artifacts - namely thousands of red dots all over the screen. Literally I played for a couple hours no problem, updated and bam, issues instantly. This only happens in games and nowhere else, not on fullscreen video or anything. Does anyone have a solution, or know of a windows issue that may have caused it? I have obviously tried system restoring, rolling back updates, rolling back drivers, installing newest ones but all to no avail. Is there any fixable problem other than..GPU dieing?

Any help would be much appreciated...

Oh system spec:
Phenom II X4 945
4 GB Ram
Win 64-Bit
2 x 8800GTX SLi
Asus M2N Sli-Delux
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  1. The only solution i could find was after hours more fruitless software checking etc, swapping cards around their PCIe slots but still with the same issue, i disabled the SLi bridge. Now everything runs fine again, no artifacts at all. However obviously this is not ideal as i have not got my 2 cards working together again!

    If anyone knows why this issue cropped up then please let me know so i can fix it properly!
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