Which Computer is better for gaming.

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  1. Definitely 1000% the second one, here's why:

    - APU integrated graphics are much better than Intel integrated graphics, which are not suitable for even mildly demanding games
    - The MOBO is able to expand RAM to 32 GB, while the first PC is limited (per spec sheet) to 8GB
    - It's cheaper, which means you would have more money to theoretically buy a discrete graphics card in the future.

    What games do you want to play? The AMD chip is a much better gamer but it still isn't for high-end games.
  2. World of Warcraft
  3. neither of them are particularly good for gaming, if anything, get the dell and drop in a 7750. or build your own and get alot more for your money.
  4. zeekio said:
    World of Warcraft

    You should be fine with the second build, then. Here's some benchmarks: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/a10-5800k-a8-5600k-trinity-apu,3241-10.html

    At "good" settings @ 1080p you're looking at over 40 FPS. A few tweaks or a lower rez monitor and you'll be up over 60.
  5. What kind of tweaks?
  6. zeekio said:
    What kind of tweaks?

    Just within the game's graphics options. Lowering the quality, disabling shadows or anti-aliasing, that sort of thing.
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