Graphics card doesn't support Aero/animations

Hey guys, so I'm in the home stretch of the software phase, and I'm noticing that Windows 7 doesn't look quite right. It won't enable Aero and the animations aren't very smooth (by which I mean the minimize/maximize etc. animations). Windows is saying that my graphics card's driver doesn't support Aero, even though I'm almost certain I have the latest version of AMD's Catalyst software installed.

FYI, the card is an HD 7950.
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  1. I used to have that on my HD 6850 I don't remember exactly what fixed it but for me it turned out to be a problem in the windows instead of my gpu. I do recall downloading some files from windows.

    Sorry that is the most I can remember ^.^'
  2. I ended up just using the install disc that came with the GPU. Seems like the website only had Catalyst, and what I needed was the other files that came on the original GPU disc. Thanks, though!
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