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What Graphics Settings Can I Get With The GTS 460 For Gaming?

Inheriting an older tower, and it comes with a GTS 460. Supposing that it does not experience any bottleneck from the CPU. what settings can I get with a GTS 460 on games like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Portal 2. Killing Floor, etc.? I will game on a 1920x1080 resolution, and hopefully be able to play these games at low~high settings with a playable FPS (Almost never dipping below 30). So what settings can I get with the GTS 460? Thanks!
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  1. At that resolution you have turned antialising to off and at medium settings.gts 460 can handle games at high settings upto 1400*900 res.
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    You're wrong on this one

    A GTX460 (I haven't heard of GTS460) can max COD4:MW, AC:B and Portal 2 at 1080p even with 4xAA, provided your CPU does not bottleneck the card. I'm still using a GTX460 and most games still run fine at 1080p. I don't know about Killing Floor as I don't have the game. The GTX460 can also max everything except AA at 1080p in AC3 provided you have a good CPU (i5-3470/3570K) because the game is quite CPU bound as well.
  3. I'm using a GTX 650(roughly equal to the GTX 460) and I'm able to max COD 4: MW @1920x1080 with 4xAA @75-130 FPS. I'd imagine the GTX 460 could do that easily. As for Killing Floor I'm able to max it with 125 FPS @1920x1080. Again I'd imagine the GTX 460 could do that easily. I haven't tried AC or Portal 2. It also depends on what kinda processor your using, I'm getting those framerates with a slightly weaker card than the 460 and a dual core @3.0Ghz.
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