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What could be considered the best CPU out there for gaming and CAD programs? Just thinking over my options for a build I plan to do over the summer.

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    The i7-3770(k) will be good for both, but for the summer, you might just look for the haswell i7(i7-4770), since it's expected to be released the new intel haswell cpus somewhere around June.,20042.html,20590.html
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    The Xeon E3's are cheaper than the i7 3770 and can offer all the same performance

    1230v2, 100mhz slower, mroe cache, no IGPU, $55 cheaper

    1240v2, same speed, more cache, no IGPU, $30 cheaper

    1245v2, same speed, more cache, with IGPU, $15 cheaper

    i7 3770, most expensive, less cache, only 100mhz faster than 1230v2 and cheaper option also has IGPU
  3. It won't matter much since for summer(June)there will be the haswell cpus.
  4. Depends how much haswell changes things, see shall see :)
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