Zotac gt640 (nvidia) making lines across screen

I installed my new graphic card gt 640 a few days ago and it is making lines appear across my screen no matter what I'm doing! The lines will stop for a few seconds but always come right back. I started with windows xp and upgraded to windows 8 hoping that might be it but it's still doing the same exact thing. Only time I was able stop it was by changing to 16bit color while still on xp. I've updated to the current drivers from nvidia. I've reinstalled the driver three times and no luck. Is the card bad? Anything else I can try?

Mobo is a asus p5q with intelcore 2 duo wolfdale 3.0 4gb ram
500w power supply windows 8 32 bit
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  1. Could it be something with my bios? Should I update them?
  2. what brand power supply? and read the sticker on the side to read it's rating as well.
    It might be you have a cheap own brand one that can't put down enough power.

    More likely is its just a bad card, RMA it
  3. RAIDMAX SMILODON ATX-612WBP Black 1.0mm SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Foldout MB Computer Case With 500W Power Supply.

    I was running a sapphire hd 4850 512m gddr3 until it went bad last week so I'm thinking the psu is ok.
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