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Crisp, affordable moniter.

Hi, I have been using a 27" HDTV as my monitor for ages. Everything is blurry and it's just unpleasant to use. I am looking into getting a proper monitor, but I have no idea if the resolution will work for the screen size. I want atleast 1600x900 and 18" or higher. Would this be a good monitor? Picture quality is VERY important to me as I cannot stand blurriness.

Canadian by the way.

Thanks for any help!
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    Unfortunately if you're looking around the $100 price range, your options are quite limited. Spend about $150 on a great 23" 1080p monitor. If not, this is by far your best option:
  2. Im not sure my computer could run 1080p games very well. on 1920x1080 on my HDTV I was getting 40 fps on arma 2 on high. On Guild Wars 2 I was getting 60-80 on 1280x720.

    PC specs are as follows

    Could I run GW2 on high as I currently am on that monitor?
  3. Well, it will be slower, but much prettier at the same settings. Arma II is very CPU-bound, and will probably run about the same.

    1080p gaming is no lie. Even at Medium settings, I would say it definitely looks better than High @720p. Plus there's less of a need for Antialiasing, which is the biggest perf-killer.

    It's worth it - if you're getting lower perf at Medium with no AA, then sell your HD 7770 and get a ~$200 GTX 660, then you can max out every game.
  4. OMG, great case, btw! Love my merc beta :)

    Also, you should be able to overclock that 7770 to about 1200 core 1400 memory on stock voltage - that should give you a nice 10-15% boost in games.
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