HI guys just wanted to know what is cookies and how does it work in tracking info about the user data

As i heard the new about Google tracking cookies in safari just wanted the info about cookies

Thanks in advance

Cheers !!!!
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  1. Take a look HERE. You can block the use of cookies with most if not all browsers (see for example Firefox options privacy tab, but then sites won't remember you, which I find quite inconvenient.
  2. Do you ask the cookies for google adwords? When somebody click a advertisment, then google will place a cookie in this computer. If somebody visit the point website. Then google will find if the cookie is exist. If it is exist, google adwords will add a transformation.
  3. I use the hosts file to block all ads. Very nice and quite simple, just copy this text file and open the notepad as administrator then navigate to windows/system32/drivers/etc change the file type from .txt to all and open hosts -- paste the big list in and save. No more ads.

    Get the file, updated regularly, from here:
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