FPS on new build

alright i have
i5 3570k not yet oced
his 7870 2gb oced to core 1133Mhz, mem 1334
hyper 212 pro heatsink
coolermaster case
650w psu
7500 320G WD

but watching a few vids and reading reviews i feel like my fps should be higher than what i am getting im getting 40 and lower on maxed setting on bf3 and the same for BMAC and metro 2033 all maxed all around 40 or less no lower than 30 usually i have all drivers updated but most reviews benchmarks and stuff ive read said theyve gotten over 50 sometimes as high as 70 not sure whats going on?
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  1. You should OC the cpu, as bf3 multiplayer is intense on the CPU

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