Computer shuts off without warning, restart loop, etc.

OS: Windows 7
Motherboard: MSI P67a-GD65
CPU: i7 2600k
Ram: 8gb Corsair Vengeance
GPU: EVGA Nvidia GTX 570 HD (2GB Version)
PSU: Was a Corsair GS800; Now it's a HX750

I built this computer about a year and some-odd months ago. It has been fantastic up until a week ago. I am going to try to explain my experiences the best I can. I am experiencing random crashing without any warning, restart looping, sometimes won't even go into safe mode. Sometimes when it boots up it'll get the the windows loading screen and the monitor will go out and never come back on. Can't tell if it's the video card, motherboard, or CPU! I have already reformatted (twice). I thought it was the PSU at first, so I bought a Corsair HX750. Was able to use the computer for a couple hours thinking it solved the problem, but the problem has come back. Something strange happened when I wasn't even using the computer though…I noticed some blue flashing against my wall where the window of my case is and decided to take a look. Apparently the phase shift LED lights on my mother board were all lighting up at once even though nothing was running and my monitors had already turned off because of the timeout. Whenever the lights all turned on I could hear a "whining, static, buzzing" sound coming from around the CPU area. My temps have been fine, that was the first thing I monitored. Last night my computer turned itself off during hibernation and proceeded to be stuck in a restart loop. I tried pulling ram sticks again (trying to be as cheap as possible lmao) and it wouldn't boot when I had this one stick in there…figured it was a bad stick that wasn't showing itself the first time I tested. BUT I put the other one back in there (did this at least 10 times swapping them in and out) and the computer would randomly boot on each stick as well as not boot past windows start screen on each stick. This random shut down happens at any given time, whether I am playing a game, or just letting the computer idle. I have been trying to run the windows check disk, but my computer is still acting crazy and randomly shutting down in the middle of the test or when it is trying to boot back up.
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  1. Since you built it I would assume you have the windows installation disc? At first glance that is where the problem appears.
  2. I have reformatted twice to no avail.
  3. Is there anything that may have started it if you can remember?

    Have you run any tests on the HDD itself or have the possibility to try a different one?
  4. Nothing that I can remember. It just started happening out of the blue. No other HDD to test with unfortunately. The only test I have successfully run is the windows check disk when my computer decides to work for a bit.
  5. sounds like the mobo or psu faulty.
  6. I am quite confident it isn't a problem with your gpu or cpu.

    Could you try resetting the motherboard? Just unplug your psu to your mobo, unplugging the psu from an outlet isn't enough since it will still retain some power. I noticed that it did get better for a while after switching psu which could be related to it resetting the mobo so I would like to double check on that.
  7. Same thing was happening to me. Found out my power cable going to my psu was all the way plugged in.
  8. It's a brand new PSU that I just installed today. New power cable (I switched the power cables a few days ago on the old PSU thinking that could be the problem too), new PSU, cleared CMOS. Problem still persists =(
  9. I am thinking bad VRM especially with a whining sound coming from around the CPU.
  10. Which means I need a new motherboard =(
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