GTX 650 or HD 7770?

I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card so that I can play games like Planetside 2 with reasonable framerates, at low/medium settings and at a 1360x768 resolution. The two cards that I'm considering are the Galaxy GTX 650 and Powercolor HD 7770 (both priced A$109).

I understand that the 7770 is a stronger card, but my PSU is 420W (23A across two 12V rails) and I'm getting conflicting recommendations from different sites on the power requirements for the 7770; some say minimum of 450W, some say 500W etc.

Ideally, I would buy the 7770, but i'm apprehensive because my PSU doesn't meet the recommended minimum power requirements. Is it safe to run the 7770 or should I go for the slightly less powerful GTX 650 which only needs a 400W PSU?

Thanks guys :)

My system:
AMD Athlon II X2 260 3.2GHz (bear in mind that I will be upgrading this sooner or later)
Gigabyte GT 630 2GB DDR3
420W PSU
2x 500 GB HDD
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  1. I would recommend you a new PSU.
    It depends upon the company of PSU. Which brand is it of?

    7770 is a better buy and would easily run on a Good Brand 420w PSU.

    The recommendation is the total power consumption with alot extra Watts included.
  2. Hd 7770 is far better than gtx 650 even hd 7750 beats gtx 650.hd 7770 would be perfect choice for that resolution.just get new psu.
  3. you must buy a psu because hd 7770 is much more powerful
  4. Divyanshu Sah said:
    you must buy a psu because hd 7770 is much more powerful

    I am sure a quality 420w PSU will be able to handle a 7770.
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