My cpu temp and case

hi =)

i had problem with the temp

anyway i bought cooler master hyper 212 plus and 5 cooler master fan stick flow 120mm

and my case is thermltake v3 and the motherboard is x58a-ud3r the cpu i7 930

this is the temp while i was running DMC and AC3 in the same time

is it good?

well the main problem now i just used 2 fans of 5 because i just found out i cant install the fans on the top no space over there =(

well now because i cant install the top fans i`m thinking to use them in other places and i thought to add the optional fan on the cooler but should i make it input air or output air?

and how about the side fan on the case should i make it input air or output air?

well this how is the fan on case right

the front one = input air
the bottom one = input air
the rear one = output air
the side = nothing on it
the top = nothing on it
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  1. If those are your temperatures under load which you said they are then you are completely fine.
  2. Your temps are fine
  3. thanks but iam wondering about the fans now what should i do with them?

    i mean i still have two place available for fans but i dont know if they should be output or input
  4. Hi darkside-ksa!

    You can place two fans on top for exhaust.

    Or one on the side for intake, and one on top to go out. The side fan is for the additional cooling of a dedicated video card, which will benefit from the extra fresh air.
  5. the problem there is no place on the top i cant place fans there

    for the side one i`ll add the fan for intake

    but is it ok to not have enough fans to push the air out? thats what iam afraid of
  6. If your temperature is fine you really don't even need to have the extra fans added.
    Adding fans in weird places can ruin the airflow and make it worse as well.
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