Looking for gpu for an older rig

I have an older rig sporting a phenom quad core I cpu and 8gb of ddr2 ram which is the max the mobo will support. It has sli capability for 2 nvidia gpu's.

Have been thinking of upgrading my graphics to a geforce 430 and up gpu for some time now. Unfortunatly my budget does not allow for a premium cards right now (gti,gtx) and i'm looking for a standard gt nvidia card or pair of cards that would operate on my basic 600w power supply.

If I could play bf3 at a respectable framerate at low to mid quality setting that would be awesome. Any suggestions for this setup
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  1. I would suggest you a 7750.
    It will allow you to play on Medium settings with good fps.

    And it will not consume much power.
  2. Hd 7750 would be good.it can maxout most games upto 1368*768 resolution.hd 7750 will work with your powersupply.
  3. my mobo's pci express x16 slots are version 1.0 so will the 7750 still operate under those restrictions???
  4. Yes.
  5. Yes it will work and there will be no performance loss.also update your bios from your mobo website.
  6. Wow i haven't thought about my bios and pulled up a lot of updates from asus's website that i have missed over the years. Thanks, I will definitely test out this card
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