Hello, I have a foxconn a79s mobo with phenom
8450 triple core processor and 4870 x2 video card. I installed a new 550 wat power supplies to handle the video card...things worked great for a few days..then suddenly during load *star wars* the NIC decides to quit work...but will usually reset with a reboot or if i try to change to other nic *dual in a79* it will work for again 10-15 mins..then as well shut down...the internet at that point tells me NO ETHERNET cable is plugged in..there is NO IFS ANDS OR BUTS. however...after purchasing a dlink nic...It does the SAME thing..10-15 mins into a game..*under load* the nic stops work...EVEN if i HAVE all 3 plugged into the router...Even if i disable the internal and only use the pci card...I have tried reseating everything (ram, video, cpu, power supplies)
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  1. i have run every virus scan there mode...heuristic...still nothing
    i get about 10 mins or so out of internet then it suddenly says "no ethernet cable is connected"
  2. OK so after doin some more exploration...i found a post suggesting a Ram pull/ reseat...i did as the post suggested and low and behold 12 hours so far no disconnects...
    thanks guys for leaving older posts up and to anyone having a similar issue...try it...
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