FPS went down to 20-25 from 50-60 after installing new nvidia drivers

Hi folks i bought a new pc my spec are
i5 3670k
nvidia 660ti asus dc u 2
8gb ram

i own a default asus nvidia 660 ti dcu 2 and i didnt had any problems running games like sleeping dogs or nfs most wanted and even world of warcraft it was running fine and i was getting 50-60 FPS in crowded areas like Ogrimmar and Stormwind but after installing the new drivers i noticed there is a shuttering issue my FPS goes down from 48-50 to 25! after 1 min and yes i have tried a clean install for instance uninstalling old drivers and deleting regestries by ccleaner than too i have this issue please help....
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  1. Mobo p8z-77v
  2. Roll back to older Drivers, and check if any issues are there.
    I've heard some people here saying about issues in 310.90.
  3. Ok thanks i will try and see if this works and later will post my reply...
  4. I tried roll back but still getting same FPS.... :( what to do^^
  5. Previously i had 306.97 ver nvidia drivers
  6. Disable virtual sync
  7. I have it disabled now but still doesnt make any diff and my GPU maximum tempt is 44.....
  8. Update to 310.70.
    Does this work?

    The Latest is 310.90.

    Have you checked your Settings?
    Maybe after a clean install you didn't Optimize the settings?

    Maybe you have put it to "Quality".
  9. Ya acutually i've installed a fresh copy of windows and nvidia old drivers 306.97 and now i am having no problems...:) no shattering etc.Thanks for all your help folks..
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