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Lowest Graphic Card To Maxed Out in Battlefield 3

In the system requirement says GTX 560 is recomended for it BUT friend of mine said he cud only run 720p and only medium setting..if he set to ultra the FPS whats the :bounce: LOWEST :bounce: GPU for this game to run MAX on everything...with Good FPS....
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  1. Hd 7770 or gtx 650ti for upto 1400*900 res.
  2. HD7870 or GTX660 Ti for 1920x1080 about 40-50FPS
  3. well f you can play on 1024 resolution then even an old card can, there was a vid on youtube were a 8800 or something on that line was playing bf3 mp but on bad frames.
  4. So GTX 660 or HD 7870 is the best? for the lowest graphic card to run BF3 MAX out in 1080p with good fps like AlexHYS said '40 - 50 FPS?
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    I would say that 7770 is the least Card to Max out BF3
    Just lower AA a little. Will not affect Quality much.

    But for a Good Gameplay, I'd suggest atleast a GTX 660
  6. Because the rest of the rest of his system! Lower resolutions mean more cpu dependent.
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