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I bought a new Samsung S24B300HL 24 inch monitor last weekend to replace a old one that was a bit scratched. Anyway before i got this new one my computer had no problems at all displaying so i think my computer doesn't like my new monitor much.

The problem i have is that when i turn my computer on, which is 6 months old, its goes through the windows screen and i log in but after 10 secs or so on the desktop the monitor goes black but the computer is still running. Its weird as sometimes it will load up fine without going black after i restart but sometimes keeps going black.

I have loaded up fine via safe mode but im not sure if there maybe some solution to this as ive had a look around but couldn't find any similar issues.

The one thing that has changed is that with the new monitor im connecting via a HDMI where as my old one was via a DVI i think its called.

My graphics card is a ATI 7770 1GB GRAPHICS CARD if that helps
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  1. check in your mb bios if your pc has onboard video that the gpu is the first video device.if not your pc may be bouncing to the onboard video port. make sure you have the newest ati driver and see if in the ati pannel you can set the hdmi port as the main video port.
  2. That seems to have fixed it, i just downloaded the latest driver and it worked

    Thanks :)
  3. Well its started doing it again :(

    It was working fine yesterday and this morning but its just done it again. Ive installed the latest driver and just double checked it.

    As i said before my previous monitor worked fine no problems as all its all started since ive had this monitor monitor
  4. try switching the monitor from av to pc mode in set up. try installing the video drivers for the monitor.
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