New PC Build. Suggestions?

Hey all,

I’m building a new gaming PC and wanted to get your thoughts. If you wouldn’t mind giving some advice and/or suggestions, I’d appreciate it.

Parts are as follows:

mobo- msi z77 mpower
gpu- evga gtx 670 ftw
cpu- i5-3570k
ram- corsair vengeance 8gb (4gb x2)
psu- ultra lsp 750w
case- cooler master 922
hd- wd 1tb 7200 rpm
drive- asus dvdr 32x
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  1. looks ok, but I do have a couple of suggestions:

    1) I haven't heard of that PSU manufacturer before. Buy xfx, seasonic, corsair or antec to be safe, as a dodgy psu can have grave consequences!
    2) the optical drive - do you really need that much? most people barely use theirs, and these days, games don't really use the disc heavily at all.
    3) with a z77 board and a "k" processor, I'm guessing you want to overclock? make sure to pick up a coolermaster hyper 212 evo as well then, to keep it cool.
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    Hi JMG1990!

    If you're not planning on getting another video card and running it in SLI in the future, you should get a ~500 psu, preferrably one manufactured by a trusted psu manufacturer like SeaSonic, XFX, or Antec.

    I also suggest adding an SSD to your build. This will greatly improve system performance, especially if you make it your boot drive and place into it your most commonly used applications, and a few of your favorite games. I suggest a capacity of 120 GB or more.
  3. Thanks guys! Much appreciated.

    I did buy a cooler master 212 the other day which i forgot to include in the list as I do plan on overclocking.

    You think a 500w is enough? I'll most likely go with a 600W w. modular cabling if i can find one for a smilar price to the lsp750w (there selling for ~$70 last time I checked).

    Perhaps the corsair cx600m? ~$10 more - but may be worth it.

    For a ssd - you think the Intel X25-M 160gb is a good choice? There on sale right now at
  4. SSDs by Intel have always been reliable and efficient. This particular model has been chosen as Editor's Choice at (

    I saw the Slasher Promo at TigerDirect.Ca and it's really a good deal.

    Edit: I viewed it again, looking at the customer reviews, and one said that it was refurbished. Better message them about this first.
  5. JMG1990 said:
    Thanks guys! Much appreciated.

    Perhaps the corsair cx600m? ~$10 more - but may be worth it.

    It's definitely worth it! Better than saving $10 and then your power supply blowing up and taking your system with it...
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