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Ok so im not really a tech guy but im looking for a regular gaming laptop that can run games on steam and minecraft at no lag on normal settings. My budget is $1,500, just need some suggestions on what I should be looking at. I know desktops are way better than laptops, but it has to be a laptop. I dont really know how to make my own computer either, so im looking for a prebuilt. Been looking at alienwares, are those any good?
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    yeah, no. unless you plan to waste most of your budget on LED lights, Alienware offers the worst in regards to performance per dollar. and i'm not all that into gaming laptops.

    an i7-3630QM+675m+8gb 1600x900 17.3" Alienware will costs you $1.8K+.

    an i7-3630QM+675m+16gb 1920x1080 17.3" CyberPowerPC will costs you $1.3K+.

    i reckon there are better options though. Sager, MSI, Cyberpower, ibuypower, and Asus offer some good specs for a good deal less over Alienware.
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