New Build ( need suggestions )

Hii I'm building a budget pc for gaming. Just want to ask if there is any problems with this build. Please suggest anything I need to change to make it more efficient and less costly. thanks in advance.

Micmic's Stormbringer PC:

Processor: i3-2120 (124.99 usd)

Motherboard: asrock h61m-dgs (44.99 usd)

Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 1TB (79.99 usd)

Graphics Card: Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 (109.99 usd)

Power Supply:Rosewill 400w (39.99 usd)

RAM: G.Skill 2x 4GB (55.99 usd)

DVD-ROM: asus 24x (17.99 usd)

Total: 473.93 usd

Editted: placed price for each and the total

This doesn't include the unit case..
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  1. Hi gamerinc!

    What's your total budget for the build?
  2. thanks for the reply. edited it and included the prices for each and the total. my budget would be 500 usd for the system unit.
  3. I didn't look too far into it at the moment but I am pretty sure you are overpaying for ram. albeit it good ram you could go cheaper or get 8gb of the same speed ram for around the same price. What do you intend to do with your computer?
  4. 4gb will most certainly run any game you need it to but having 8gb will assure you aren't pushing your ram to it's limit which I found I was doing with BF3 up and other programs running.
  5. also if you could find a way to fit an i5-2310 into your rig, I would HIGHLY suggest that. although your mobo will clock your ram lower :'(
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