HDMI display not working

Here is my build: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/D2Hz

Here is a video of my issue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFACegvIyfo

The monitor will not detect my computer. Can anybody see any obvious wiring issues? I'm going to keep playing around until I solve this but any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

Regards guys.
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  1. Hello... your monitor needs to be set to the proper input via the "HDMI input" and remove your Graphic card for the first start up/Bio's screen settings, for your hardware... After that, your are going to have to get into the BIO's due to your "Water Cooling Block", or you might have to plug a fan into your "CPUfan" mother board connector, there is a setting in the BIO's for the computer "not to start", if there is no CPU fan rotation is detected... A Power Supply will always have " extra" Power connectors, make sure you connected the the ones, your motherboard manual instructed you...

    Another warning to you thou... DO NOT PLUG and UN-PLUG cables and connectors to your computer when it is POWER'd UP !!! I know your fustrated but you Can and Will hurt your new computer parts... GL
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