Psu dout and confusing

iam buying ati radeon hd7750 gddr5 gpu its require 450watt psu, but i hav simple, normal and cheap smps its has also 450w does its supports the ati radeon hd7750 gddr5 with my smps??? plz help and thanx in advance
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  1. cheap you mean those that come with the pc case?

    i would really suggest that you invest in a good psu, it's like a heart pumping blood into every part
  2. yes, those come with pc case which my dealer brought this pc......... wat to do? can i change both pc case and smps?
  3. Why do you want to change can get new powersupply and replace it with your old one.
  4. but my computer case is midium size, is this gpu set properly?
  5. medium you mean mid-tower? if you have cash then by all means, replace them. BUT, don't buy those case that comes with a psu, buy them separately
  6. its smaller than mid tower, tel me what should i buy, and wat to remove... tell me which cabinate and psu with name? and which is best under 14k? [255 doller]
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