After market or Stock XFX 6870 cooler?

Hey, currently I am using the XFX 6870 (Single fan) with the stock fan but the fan has become off centered and is making a very annoying sound. I have already contacted XFX and ive been told to tell my re seller, but as its taking a long time I was wondering if anyone knows where I can pick up a new XFX 6870 fan? Or even better, a different after market fan for cheap? Btw I live in the UK so please don't link me to Newegg or something, and im looking for basically a very very cheap cooler that will work just as good or better than the stock fan? Thanks in advance for any help guys, much appreciated.
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  1. Suggest a website where you are able to purchase. Not Amazon please. They don't really have GPU coolers
  2. Tbh im more asking you guys where the best place to buy them from are ahah, I tried looking on Ebay but couldnt find anything interesting really:(
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