2560x1024 Setup?

I'm currently using a 17" LCD monitor with a standard 1280x1024 resolution and I'm considering an upgrade.
My original plan was to replace the 17" unit with another 20" widescreen one altogether.
Until, the idea of getting another 17" and setting up a multi-monitor Eyefinity setup hit me. Not only would I save cash if I got another 17", I would also have more real-estate is what I thought.

My question is, would this setup be worth it? Would I be running into any resolution issues?
Besides that, dual monitor setups also have a bezel running across the middle which may be a bit annoying. Or is this not an issue? :??:

Additional info:
GPU: HD6670 (maybe HD7770 in the future)
Monitor: Samsung 17" connected by VGA, 15mm (~0.59 inches) side bezel
Usage: Mostly work, assignments and web browsing. A little LAN gaming from time to time with friends.

Thank you. :)
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  1. As long as you run the games only on one monitor. Otherwise you get the bezel exactly where the action is. :) The typical work setup is one monitor infront of you and the second aside for your mail app and so on. Just keep an eye on the ppi (pixel per inch) of your new monitor. It should be the same as the 17" to get the same font and icon sizes on both. And you don' alway need to have them side by side! I have my second one over the other. :)
  2. Actually, if it's not for gaming, 2 of those 17" monitors would be great for general purpose and work. Is the 20" monitor 1080p or not? If it's lower than that, I suggest you get another 17" monitor. I have a 22" and a 17" monitor side by side for work and it's very productive. Bezel is not an issue for me although I guess it's not the same for everyone.
  3. @ezioas Nah, the 20" I'm going for is the standard 1600x900 one.

    @noidea_77 Yeah, gaming especially 3rd person games would be pretty messed up. I've considered the idea of making both displays vertical then mounting them side by side to get a nice 16:10 2056x1280. But, my current stand doesn't allow for it. With my current workspace, a side-by-side 2560x1024 is the most space efficient.

    Thanks for the feedback guys.
    Personally, I think my biggest issue would still be the bezel. Do you eventually get used to it or is there a persistent realization of it? :na:
  4. Mine is around 1.5" thick (combined bezels, I just measured it) but I don't find the bezels annoying.
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