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A friend of mine wants to setup a desktop PC as a "gaming server", and access it from a laptop via remote control.
So basically all the processing is done on the desktop PC and the laptop only receives the video, and sends captured events (mouse & keyboard) back to the desktop PC.
This will be done using HP Remote Graphics Software, which is basically an remote control software with high video streaming performance.
We haven't tested this yet on his actual hardware, but I did try it on my system by running a Virtual machine as a client, and the result were not that great, but I hope it was because of the VM.

Anyway, until next week when we'll build the setup, I would appreciate any suggestions on the subject, particularly, any solution you might know for high quality, low latency video streaming from one PC's screen to another via TCP/IP network, without requiring any extra hardware.

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  1. That's not going to work. That software is for sharing a workstation GPU to use for CAD/rendering. NOT for running games.

    Nvidia will support something along these lines with Shield but I don't know if you'll be able to stream to a laptop or when it will be out. And there will always be lag
  2. Hi

    Even if their is technology like, or companies that offer that service; I don't think that can be done yet.

    HP Remote Graphics Software is made for 2d and 3d graphics but it doesn't imply gaming.

    I tried doing support for games It just doesn't work (Tried with logmein and teamviewer, no image or poor image quality)

    The other question I have is what games your going to play, is it over the internet or on the same lan ?

    My main concern is that if you want to play high end games (skyrm, planetside 2 , assasin creed)

    You need nice FPS between 30 - 60.

    If you play remotely you might get way lower number than that if the internet speed is not fast enough.
  3. He won't play high end games on the setup. Actually, here is the real deal.
    He has a HP Pavilion DV6000 laptop, that can barely run few games, but he also has a PC desktop laying around without a monitor, that is somewhat better than the laptop. So he was wondering, if he can basically use the laptop as a monitor for the desktop PC?
  4. Yes, the laptop and the PC will be connected through LAN via wires/WiFI (depending on the required bandwidth)
  5. no, no and no.
  6. rgd1101 said:
    no, no and no.

    Well .. no matter what you guys gonna suggest, we still gonna try it next week for fun.
  7. The technology of low latency video delivery over network is definitely out there, I mean this is what they do in cloud gaming, like those at
    I also tried another alternative: XSplit >> RTMP Server >> Flash RTMP Player ; but damn, the encoding takes all the resources and adds delay.
  8. the technology is out there, but it will take more take just a desktop and some off the shelf software to do it.
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