First Build- $550

This is my first time building a gaming PC. I'm trying to keep the budget really low, so around $550.

Here's what I came up with:

i3 3220
XFX 7850 2GB
ASRock Z75 Pro3
Corsair Vengeance 8GB
WD 500GB
Samsung DVD Burner
Corsair CX430
NZXT Source 210 Case

Any suggestions? Anything that I could add or change that would make the build significantly better? Compatibility issues?
I'm going to be playing this on my 50" HDTV. I think games are gonna look great at 1080p on that kind of display (certainly better than my Xbox).
Also, will the PC boot correctly on the HDTV? Can I just plug an HDMI cable into the 7850 and the back of the TV? I don't know if TVs and monitors work the same way like that.
Any reply is much appreciated.
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  1. Got same memory, cpu,motherboard and getting same gpu too next week. Yes it will work if u plug hdmi to 7850, however if u wanna use VirtuMVP(gives nice fps boost in games) then u have to put hdmi into your motherboard hdmi port.
  2. Ok, thanks!
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