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i just installed a Diamond Radeon HD 7750 into my computer started playing a game nad after a few minutes i got a black screen. my system is
MCP61PM-GM mother board
AMD Phenom II X2 3.3 ghz
Antec 650 watt power supply

any ideas on what would cause this
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  1. Don't necessarily assume is the hardware, though it won't hurt to monitor the temperatures for overheating.
  2. i unfortunately don't have a way or don't know a way to check temperatures and is there a way to help keep the temperatures down
  3. What did you have before? Did you install the latest drivers?

    To monitor temps, google "hwmonitor"
  4. I installed what it told me to from the CD that came with it. I had an integrated graphics before and i disabled it as the card told me to do. From the disk it updated the catalyst and drivers... This is an Emachines ET1331G-03w that i have upgraded to the items listed above so there is no case fan and only one spot to put one
  5. Go to and download the latest version of the driver.
  6. I pulled the card out and reinstalled an old card as we have a game we have to be on in about 30 minutes and afterwards i will reinstall the 7750 and the HWMonitor to see what the temperatures are. I did a check to make sure i had to the most current drivers and the systems update states that i have the most current for the card
  7. there are program like msi afterburner that you can set the gpu fan up to go faster in games.
  8. if i add a fan to the case will it help
  9. well thank you to those that posted a response for me I found a small fan in one of my old computers and was able to mount and plug in and it has not shut off on me since. Keeping fingers crossed and going to purchase a new case and more fans lol
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