I'm getting error codes: 1024 & 6003 when i try to run update patchers on an

my game patchers cant update my games because of some file association errors i'm getting. I'm receiving the following errors

Could not start patching process
(error #1024) last message 00000483

Update failed (error #6004)
Download file failed to execute (error# 6003)

I've cleaned the registry and check and repaired with CCleaner/ uninstalled games then reinstalled them

System Info:
Window 7 Home Premium
Emachine EL1333G-03W

Games are Rift & Runes of Magic (both have run well on this machine previously)


James Bain
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  1. Nevermind.......I ran a scan with Malwarebytes Anti Malware and it found 2 exe files that were Hijacked. I deleted those and now all is running beautifully. Woot!
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