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BIOSTAR A68I-350 (APU) vs 9500GT

I'm building a mini ITX PC with the BIOSTAR A68I-350 with the 350 APU. I was looking around for a cheap graphics card (5670 maybe?)

Then I remembered I had an old 9500 in my 7 year old rig.

I'm looking to watch 1080p videos/shows and do some gaming. Which would be better....the APU or 9500gt?

I will be upgrading to a good dedicated card later on (Maybe a 550 ti of the such). But for now, should I use one of the above for some light gaming, or am I expecting too much from them?
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    If I were you, then I would install the 9500 and then do some gaming/benchmarks and then take it out again and try again. Then just see which one is faster.

    The 9500GT has 32 cores at 550mhz, which isn't all that good... a 40$ gt610 can easily beat that with 48 cores at 800mhz. \

    Just looked up that the motherboard has a built in hd6310, which has 80 cores at 500mhz.

    Its a close call, but I think the integrated graphics might just beat it...
  2. If you click the link, it shows some basic game benchmarks.
    It can play some older games.... but not really the newest of them.
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