What should i upgrade to .... I am on low budget

Ok so I have a very old mobo from a hp machine: foxcon irvine(motherboard)
along with an old dual core: intel e2180 @2.0 ghz

I recently bought a new graphic card : GT 630 1gb ddr5( I am happy with its performance)---- > my first discrete graphics card :)
along with a new psu: Corsair cx430v2
and a new case: some cheapass case.. available locally.. :(

so now I had some issues with the mobo and the processor was bottlenecking my gpu very hard..
so i am about to upgrade to a new processor mobo and ram....

I dont have alot of choice seeing my budget...
but i will upgrade my processor to a decent one in about 6-7 months.( depends on the time i would be joining my first job)

- Low Budget
- 6-7months usage...but would like to use the psu and mobo.
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  1. I do not like wasting money on interim solutions.

    My suggestion is to wait until june if you can when haswell launches.

    New motherboard sockets and cpu chips should bring a 10-15% better price performance but will be incompatible with current sockets.

    To answer your question:
    Passmark cpu capabilities:
    E2180 1035
    Athlon X2 270 1945
    G645 2632

    If you must buy now, I suggest a inexpensive Z77 based motherboard and a G645 or similar.
    That way, you could eventually upgrade to a 2500K with an overclock.
  2. what case?

    give a real budget.
  3. swifty_morgan said:
    what case?

    give a real budget.

    Actually the case is a real cheap-ass case(atx) which i got and i have a cx430 in it...
    my gpu is gt 630 1gb ddr5
    I was having some issues with the current mobo...

    so no point getting a new lga775 mobo with e2180..
    i could get a h61 or the mentioned amd mobo for equal or less price, but that would require a lga1155 compatible processor or am3+/am3.
    Hence this upgrade...
    personally i would have waited and gotten a much better processor probably a i5 2310...but i cant wait that long (till april end)

    and my budget is very close to what these cost + 8gb ram(1x8gb 1333mhz)

    I'll be buying from here mostly:
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