Asus GTX 670 DCU2 or Gigabyte 7970 Windforce?


3 weeks ago I bought an Asus GTX 670 for $409.99 USD thinking that it would be a great upgrade from my 560ti for Far Cry 3.

My experience with this card has been less than stellar for a $410 card... It is running Far Cry 3 on High settings with Post FX on low; HDAO; Alpha set to standard; MSAA OFF just to get a smooth gaming experience.

I overclocked it +185mhz core and +550mhz on VRAM. Also i am using a xeon e3-1245 @ 3.3ghz

Do you think I should return this card and pick up a 7970 instead?
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  1. Before I start off, I'm not sure how gaming performance is with xeon processors but I'm sure it isn't as good as Core i series CPUs gaming performance so that right there, is problem number 1. Now, have you installed the latest drivers, which are 310.90? Also, running Far Cry 3 at Ultra with MSAA at 60 FPS is damn near impossible unless you're running SLI or a 690 so forget about that. Getting a 7970 won't improve performance much, maybe by 3-5 frames but the 670 and 7970 are pretty neck and neck. The 7970 does have more overclocking headroom but I think it still doesn't warrant the extra $ on the price tag. What other games are you playing? Are you satisfied with performance in those games?

    Edit : Never mind me talking about the extra $ on the price tag, didn't see the price on the poll silly me. If you really aren't satisfied, then go for it, but you won't see a dramatic increase from the 670, honestly, it'll be pretty much the same.
  2. Sorry, I am using the latest 310.90 drivers. So my expectations are too high eh? darn.
  3. Yeah, a 7970 isn't really going to help your situation unless you're ready to go crossfire or SLI on the 7970 or 670. Your Xeon might be bottlenecking that 670 a bit though since Xeons aren't optimized for that sort of load coming from pc games.
  4. You should Max out the Game at 1080p

    But your Xeon is Bottlenecking. They aren't for Gaming, Not at all.

    I would suggest you a i5 for Gaming.
  5. if you already have a GTX670 I'd just keep it, 7970 will be an improvement but honestly not a big one and certainly not worth 30+ dollars in shipping/restocking.
  6. Xeon is a bad idea for gaming also, Xeon are like FX, focus on more threads but low per core performance for server/rendering optomization, for gaming the highest you can get is the i7-3970x(or even i5-3570k if you dont use hyperthreaded games) before the parabola starts to angle down.
  7. cool thanks for all the suggestions. I think I'll wait to upgrade everything once the swiftech h220 releases
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