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Ati Radeon 5450 hd 512mb Blue Screen Crash

a c 233 U Graphics card
January 12, 2013 6:52:37 PM

I have recently purchased a second monitor for my main desktop (Including this in case of relevance) and it has been working great for 2 weeks. But starting today I was playing a game that has worked fine on my computer in the past (and with both monitors) and after about 20 minutes of playing my computer crashed to a blue screen that flashed by so fast I could not read it.

After a reboot this happened again after two minutes being on the desktop, this time I knew it was coming and managed to read something about a graphics card driver error.

I looked into this and found if I roll back my drivers to an earlier version it was fixed. I did so and no crashes occurred. But upon trying to launch a different game it received and error that I then looked up and is fixed by updating the graphics card drivers. I did so and then, caused the same crash.

On a side note after a crash reboot my screen resolution is smaller than the actual screen and CCC opens up asking to do something, but stops responding before it opens. So I rolled back my drivers and am at this point.

I am stuck between constant crashes that cant be fixed, or not being able to play games, which is what this computer is mainly for.

I know it is a graphics card driver issue but have no idea how to fix it and with constant blue screens impending I am wary of trying anything without proper help.

My computer is stable enough to use for browsing and videos, so I am posting this from there. I have a second Laptop that I can use as a backup.