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Dual Moniters issues With a Radeon hd 6450

January 12, 2013 6:53:05 PM

I have seen a few other threads with the same but none have had quite the same situation, I just purchased this video card changing from a 6570 that only had a dvi port and a hdmi port. The reason why is I wanted to have dual monitors I got both Samsung S20b300 models both only having a dvi or vga output is what the new video card looks like, it has the same dvi hook up my old card had.

and how I hooked up too the old card was with the vga cable that came with the monitor with a simple adapter but now on the new card it is only registering the monitor that is straight vga which ever one has the adapter it does not detect, clearly i went wrong somewhere could i get some help?

The one hooked up with the dvi adapter isn't even displaying even if it is the only one plugged in but will sit there in a black screen and when both hooked up it shows in black screen but when com goes into screen saver it shuts off too