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Hello guys :) i'm currently looking for a laptop with dual 680m or something better if you can find ^^ it must have FULL HD screen. I live in a UK and i would like to pay it for 2 or 3 years, any ideas on where to get laptop with this? ^^ also it must have at least 700mb hdd or 350 ssd, i live in a UK, thanks for you answers ^^ oh and i7 with quadcore would be nice too, im looking for something under £2200 :) what's the cheapest option to go for? thanks for the answers.
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  1. Look for someone who resells Clevo's
    Something like this could be configured the way you want it.
  2. hello, sorry for long reply i had no internet connection -.-' and yes but i don't like their services as i already had a computer from them but it was just a fail....7* i had to send it back....any other recommendation?
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