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I have done some minor updating to an old lga775 system (gpu and psu) just enough to play some games etc. The problem i've had is when in a game, I sometimes just randomly lose video signal and the pc still seems to be running. One thing I'd like to know for sure, is if the psu is enough for the gpu. It has two 18amp 12v rails. (I read somewhere that 1 rail is strictly for mb and cpu and the other rail is for pcie and other peripherals etc.).

The video card is a BFG GTS 250 OC
The PSU is an Antec BP500U 500w

If you need me more info, let me know and thanks.
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  1. I have same card and it gets very warm. I need to 2x a year open it up and put new silver on cpu. Try that. Check temperatures with evga prcision program. They should stay under 85c or there is bad contact.
  2. Thank you for your reply. Currently with gpu-z, it seems to idle around 50c and around 65c or so under load. Also, I have about 4 case fans to help with airflow.
  3. After downloading afterburner and underclocking the video card it doesn't seem to lose signal. Not sure if its something maybe with the card itself, not getting enough power, or maybe something else. Also would still like to know if that psu is sufficient the way the rails are set up. Would rather not cause damage to the system.

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