Multi monitor setup, would sli be needed for good performance?

Hey all, just finished setting up my triple monitor setup, 3 1280x1024 monitors all hooked up to an evga 660 ti ftw signature 2. After trying out some far cry 3 across all the monitors, I immediately noticed that performance was significantly worse (expected). Which brings me to my question: what would be better for improving my fps, getting a 3gb card and putting the 660 ti as dedicated physx or something, or getting another 660 ti for sli. I know that allot of video memory is required for optimal performance at such a high res, but I don't know if sli would help seeing as it doesnt combine the vram from both cards.
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  1. At which Resolution are you playing games?

    Use MSI Afterburner to Monitor VRAM usage, How much is it?

    List your Other specs too.

    FarCry 3 takes much out of a 660Ti even at 1080p.
    And running it in 3 Monitor Setup will result in Disaster :lol:

    Please post BF3 Benchmarks too (Or any other game)
  2. My full specs are: i5-3570k oc'd to 4.4ghz, stable on water cooling. 16gb g skill ripjaws, asrock z77 extreme4, ocz ssd, corsair gs800 psu, and im playing at 3840x1024. Black ops 2 can run at full res, all settings turned up and can keep a solid 75 fps, far cry cant even get above 30 :(
  3. Get another 660ti for SLI will be your best bet.
  4. I would suggest you to wait till Next-Gen Cards release.

    Till then play games on Lower AA.
    Because GTX 660 Ti's Bus width slows it down on High AA.
  5. Im running with 680 OC'd with 5760x1080 and I get decent fps 30-40.

    Yes it's a lot larger resolution but my card is a lot stronger than the 660 ti so.
    But if you can i would very strongley recommend getting one 670 and selling your 660.
    They are worlds apart, and later than you could add another 670 and you'd be set for quit awhile.
    And if you can get the 4gb version
  6. I wouldnt say there worlds apart, from what I understand the only difference between the 660 ti and the 670 is $100 and a higher memory bandwidth. Selling it is not an option, simply because no place locally buys used parts and I don't like online selling (bad past experiences). Ultimately what I want to know is, do I need more rendering horsepower (gpu) or do I need more vram?
  7. You need a better GPU for that Big Resolution.

    A GTX 660 Ti SLI would be good, but wouldn't be nice for a long run
    I would suggest you to get a better card.
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