7970 ghz 2560x1440

is one 7970 ghz enough for 2560x1440 for NOW im using a 1366x768 and choosing between a 27inch 2560x1440 from korea or a 1920x1080 27inch samsung thoughts?

specsL: 850w xfx core

amd 6300 stock 3.5ghz turbo 4.1

asus 990fx mobo
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  1. Well since dual 7850's is roughly equal to a 7970 GHZ, at 1440p, I max out BF3 at 60 FPS in some places, with some drop downs to 50 fps occasionally. It performs well.

    I have a 27 inch for Korea, and I was lucky to get a good panel. Its a risk when you buy it, that you have to be aware of. Make sure you buy it from a good seller, like accessorieswhole or bigclothcraft, who normally pay for return shipping if the monitor is dead.
  2. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-7970-ghz-edition-review-benchmark,3232.html Check the benchmarks. A single 1080p monitor would be such a waste.
  3. Yea sick i mean i think a xfx 850w core can run 2 7970s

    But i will see how my 7970ghz performs as long as i can play games on high without aa with 50fps+ i dont need ultra on bf3,farcry 3 etc i just need high-medium
  4. BigMack70 said:
    You can play on ultra minus AA at 50fps+ on a 7970GE just fine for all games, including BF3 and FC3.

    Really? holy crap thats sick i cant wait to get my 2560x1440. i bought that xfx dd ghz 7970. im hardly using it at 1366x768 haha
  5. Yeah, I can confirm it too, 1440p doesn't need AA because of the sheer amount of pixels. There is almost twice as many pixels in 1440p than 1080p, and the performance hit isn't anywhere close to 1080p and AA.
  6. im so glad i took the 7970 ghz over the 670. im pretty sure the amd 6300 shouldnt hold it back at 2560x1440.
  7. BigMack70 said:
    Sadly it may still hold you back in some games, but on the whole you should be fine.

    It will? maybie i should of gotten the 3570k i had the money easily too. i just thought to save some money, and was happy to try out amd. well if it does i got a cm hyper 212 evo on there so i can oc to about 4.5-4.7 if it is.

    Thanks a ton everyone Tomshardware is awesome! you guys have a great day! thanks again
  8. It is not necessarily the amount of pixels that makes it look better. It is also pixel size and viewing distance.
  9. I'm not saying more pixels doesn't help but other aspects also make a difference.
  10. Hmm well ill see how my 6300 performs, if its bad i might just get haswell when it comes out, good idea?. also 2560x1440 is 340 and 2560x1600 is 500 is it worth $160 more for 2560x1600 over 1440
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