Outlook express mail 32 bit wont show on windows 7 64 bit

Hi, I exported my 32 bit outlook express folder (with .dbx files) from my old desktop (xp pro) to my flash drive and copied the folder to the desktop of my laptop (windows 7 64bit). I then imported the contents of the outlook express folder from my win7 desktop to my windows live mail, the folders/files copied across into win livemail.

My problem is that I cannot see these mail files on windows live mail, even though they copy accross they are not viewable.

I have been at this for a week now, done a zillion searches to alleviate this problem to no avail.

very frustrating. cheers Pete

ps I have noticed that heaps of others are having the same prob. Its a shame Microsoft doesn't get off there butts and do a fix.
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  1. Thanks but this is not the answer, thankyou for your support though.

    what the link you gave me is about converting outlook to outlook express. the latter of the link is what I have already done.

    My outlook express files are already sitting on my win 7 desktop. I can get windows live mail to import the files, they even load in, but windows live mail wont see or recognise the mails, whatever they do not display.

    Cheers Pete
  2. If I understand this right windows live mail has imported outlook express mails into the program but you can't see them in live mail, if that is the case you will find the imported mails listes under storage folders ----> imported mail, hope this helps.
  3. hodsocks said:
    If I understand this right windows live mail has imported outlook express mails into the program but you can't see them in live mail, if that is the case you will find the imported mails listes under storage folders ----> imported mail, hope this helps.

    Thanks friend, I should have been more informative, I cant see them in storage either, I tried that one also prior to starting my problem thread. This has been a very frustrating exercise for me, I have spent too many days/hours on this one lol.

    cheers and thanks Pete
  4. This is laborious and I have no idea if it will work but it may be worth a shot. If you have another computer running Win XP put the emails back into outlook express. Install (if it is available) windows live mail for XP. Try to move the files from outlook express to windows live mail on the XP machine then export the email from windows live mail XP to windows live mail win 7. Also I am guessing that your email provider uses POP mail and not IMAP? With IMAP you should not have to export your email it will download when you setup the account in live mail.
  5. Hi and thanks, I was giving your suggestion a shot. I did install live mail 32 bit to xp on my desktop, not without problems (lol the joys of computing). I even got live mail 32 bit to access my outlook express files, but only the current and latter files that downloaded. I cannot get the past outlook express files (pre windows live installation) to upload to live mail. I have now two probs to solve.

    To add further info, my desktop uses a POP server and my laptop uses IMAP.
    cheers Pete
  6. google this ( retreiving old outlook messagerie )to see if you could get those old e-mail back
  7. thanks for your advice friend, but my main prob is converting old outlook express files (.dbx) Win xp 32 bit pop server to windows live mail 64 bit imap (win7)
  8. found something open your live mail click the little square on top left with blue arrow down you will see in a list import mail click on check if you see your outlook one,on my i see outlook express live mail and windows live mail
  9. Thanks for your input, much appreciated.

    That is what I have been doing. I originally downloaded my (.dbx) outlook express files to a memory stick x my desktop computer then uploaded them to my laptop desktop. I then did the procedure as you described. The files all imported to windows live mail because the progress bar showed that. But, windows live mail wont see them.

    Cheers Pete
  10. did you try to remove and reinstall windows live mail then retry to import the files from outlook
  11. That would be a lot of hassles. The funny thing is that I can forward mail to myself (from desktop to laptop) and it works, just cant get live mail to see the flash drive transferred . dbx files (outlook express). I have come to the decision that I will painstakingly forward these files to myself to get the required old emails on my laptop.

    I am now starting to wonder that these old email files were at some stage compressed by outlook express to make storage room. The new files will transfer, and they were never compressed. ?????????????? hmmmmmmmmmm.

    I will consider that my problem is partially solved by the fact I can individually forward these old files to my laptop via email. I will leave this thread open for a few more days to allow the people that have been following this problem to have further input.
    thank you all for trying to help me resolve this issue. Yours sincerely Pete
  12. Stop Press,

    I found this info, I am away at the moment, I am laptop only. I return home on the 16th april and I cant wait to try this out.

    I will keep this thread open until I try this out or someone else confirms it for me.


    cheers Pete

    ps I originally copied the .dbx files (outlook express) to my laptop from my desktop computer's admin settings which didn't work, this procedure tells me to export my outlook express account to my flash drive as .iaf file and then import from flash drive to laptop win7 live mail.
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    this link provide you the entire process ,hope you will be able to transfer everything
  14. Thanks to all and scout_03. this problem is now resolved. the last process in the link I posted above worked.

    cheers Pete :D
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