Laptop GFX card that equals or surpasses an HD6870

As the title states, I need some comparisons. I have a good computer I built a little less than a year ago, and thats the GFX card that I purchased (HD6870). I'm looking at laptops, but don't know which cards will be as good or better than the one in my desktop. I don't game a lot but once in awhile I'll play some L4D2, CSGO, GTA 4, etc...Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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    GTX 660m or AMD equivalent or better will meet your needs
  2. 7970M
  3. Thanks for the equivalent, exactly what I needed to know. As for "samuel", thanks for the input. I kinda knew the 7970 was way better lol. Unfortunately, getting a laptop with that kind of power is going to be over my budget.
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