Asus gtx 660... help me.

Hi, newbie here!

I've just bought a asus gtx 660oc and i cant get it to work. when i boot up it just hangs on the bios startup screen and goes no further. i have a new 750w hx corsair psu because i thought my old psu wasnt up to the job. i have updated the bios to the latest. ive changed the hdd's to ide in the bios and switched off the power saving. i cant even get into the bios when the gtx is installed.
my spec is:
amd bulldog 8120 black edition cpu
asus m5a99x evo mboard
16gb 1800mhz kingston hyperx ram
ocz agility 3 240gb
seagate barracuda 2tb
my old gpu is a pny nvidea quadro 600 which is now re-installed and working fine.
thanks in advance for any advice!!!
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  1. Make sure you connected the 6pin power connector to the card. (Common mistake)
  2. nope done it. as far as i can see ive done everything right. if i remove one of the ram its driving me mad. i've spent 8 hours tonight trying to get it to work.
  3. i forgot to say, it POST's fine but just hangs on the fist bios bootup.
  4. Same issue here. GTX 660 (non-ti). Works only in black 1x slot, freezes after POST but before boot if installed in blue 16x slot. Everything ruled out w/my system (RAM good, PS good, etc.). Did NOT have any issues with old 460 (hoping to not have to go back to it). Both cards are ASUS cards, just like my motherboard (figured support can't ignore me if it's all ASUS). Both have nvidia chipsets (MB=780a). Asus M2N HT Deluxe + Asus DirectCU II GTX 660. Either these cards are crap or there's a BIOS issue. Biggest concern is that I will not be able to SLI.

    Anyone find out anything? Sounds like it's not isolated to my particular motherboard.
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