Graphics have slowed down

Hello, just recently I have started to get lag and crashing on some games. It doesn't make sense because a few days ago I was able to run everything on the highest settings.
My specs are:

Core i7-2600 3.40 ghz
HD radeon 6850 1GB
8Gb Ram
650W power supply
6 Fans
Windows home premium 64bit

I don't think my graphics card is dying simply because it can still run lower end games. i did move it recently but i checked and everything seems secure. nothing is too hot temperature wise and everything except games is running fine. Although I can run low end games there was an fps drop in them.
Something weird that i noticed is that in the windows experience index the numbers have changed from:
Graphics: 7.6
Gaming Graphics: 7.6
Graphics: 5.5
Gaming Graphics: 6.0

I have already run defragment, updated drivers, updated windows and ran a scan. I even tried system recovery and i still had the same problem.
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  1. I have also had the same system for a bit over a year and never had any troubles with games
  2. You moved it? From where and to where?
  3. check that the video cable connected to the gpu and not onboard video port if the mb has it.
  4. i moved it from one house to another but i was holding it the whole time. The video cable is connected to the gpu
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