Help building first ever gaming desktop

Hi i am planning on building my first gaming rig ever for gaming, wondering if you guys can shed some light on what i might be better of getting or consider

CPU FX 6100

GFX Radeon HD 7850 2 GB



(note: AMD 760g chipset) will this restrict me from doing anything

Also is this good for gaming, and will it run smooth?
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  1. what games do you play and at what resolution?
  2. hypnotoast said:
    Also is this good for gaming, and will it run smooth?

    The answer to this question will vary wildly depending on what games you will play on it.

    Other things to consider:
    What's your budget?
    Are you planning on overclocking?
    SSD or HDD?
    Have you looked at cases yet?

    EDIT: Also, that motherboard requires BIOS version 0401 before it will work with the FX 6100. Not sure if ASUS boards ship with the latest BIOS or not, but that's one thing to consider.
  3. Ill be playing games like, tomb raider and crysis etc also I am getting it from with a zigmatec case.

    How would I go about setting everything up because I wont have a operating system ill install that myself, how do I make the cou work with motherboard
  4. Consider stepping up the the fx6300, its new arch is faster

    The 7850 2gb will only be able to play crysis medium @ 1080p
  5. I have seen videos online of it playing ultra, lol

    Dont know, your smarter than me at this I assume so ill take your word for it

    I am hoing to be playing on a 32" hdmi flat screen tv, will that make a difference
  6. TV and monitors should require about the same power level, resolution is the most important

    Crysis 3 beta online =/= crysis 3 (I see, I though u meant crysis 3, crysis should be fine no problem)

  7. You might want to change the FX-6100 to an Intel Core i5-3350P if you want better game performance. Your FX-6100 will be the bottleneck for many games since video games do not make use of all 6 of those cores. You will also need to find a different motherboard that works with an i3.

    The 7850 2gb is a great deal and while I have the Sapphire 1gb version(accidentally) it is extremely good when OC to 1100 core and 1300 memory on stock voltage. Even stock it runs current games maxed fantastically(60fps with v-sync off).

    You could save money on the motherboard by only getting the minimums of what you need. Since this is your first time you probably do not have to worry about getting higher priced motherboards when you only want what is needed.(Assuming you wont need a fancy mobo.)
  8. Just btw you can gget a great deal on newegg or ncix with the 7850. For ~$150-160 you can get the 1gb version plus two free $60 games with the never settle bundle. Seems like a pretty great deal. (hell, I'd just buy that as a second GPU and sell the games to get a $30 7850)
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