Fullscreen flash video completely locking up my PC?

When watching youtube videos in fullscreen, eventually the screen turns purple and becomes pixelated. The sound of the video continues for a few seconds, and then even that stops. I can't alt tab, escape, use the windows key, and not even ctrl alt delete will do anything. My only option seems to be to restart. I've managed to reproduce this around 3 times today alone (the error doesn't happen instantly upon going fullscreen into the video, and it doesn't happen at all if I don't do fullscreen).

I want to note that I'm still using a hard drive that's been considered bad by a number of diagnostics programs since early February, but since this is a repeatable scenario related to watching videos on youtube, I want to assume for now that that isn't the main cause (because I don't want to replace the drive right now if not absolutely necessary). Notable things are that I've recently replaced my GTS 450 with a 560 TI, which seems to be fine. I play BF3 on ultra, and temps only go up to about 67c (I'm playing on 1440x900 mind you), so I don't think this is a problem with the card. Maxing GTAIV works fine as well.

The only other thing is that I updated my drivers to 296.10 yesterday. Is this likely to be the cause of my problem, or is this a possible symptom of a dying hard drive? Or maybe my card really is bad in some way?
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  1. Well, I switched back to the 295.73 drivers, and the freezing seems to have stopped, though I'm still a bit concerned due to the severity of the results of just putting a flash video in full screen. Full pc locks are a bit unusual for me.
  2. EXACTLY EXACTLY the same thing happends to me, and i have a new gtx 560 ti aswell.. did downgrading the drivers help in anyway?
  3. Hooray, I'm not alone! Intel Q9550, GTX 570, just installed brand new drivers.
    'Click' Full screen flash & pc will lock up within 3sec to 10mins
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