Squealing and freezing from monitor during gaming.

There's literally NO artifacts, there's no evidence of the GPU getting hotter(fan profile from TriXX goes to the 40-50C level), then I try to alt-tab and the screen goes blank, the computer is still running but no display to the monitor(just a black screen), additionally, sometimes instead of blank screen the game freezes and a loud screeching noise is heard from the monitor. Any help, this is during hitman absolution.

No overclocks also, my airflow is a single fan blowing from the front and exhausting out the back, I also have an NH-D14 exhausting air also.

Idle is usually around 27C and can go to 30C, these are good, I assume.

EDIT: Noise still comes from the monitor(buzzing+freeze) even though my monitor's speakers aren't even connected to the computer's onboard audio.
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  1. How do you know it's overheating? Have you looked at temps while running video benchmarks?
  2. I assume it's overheating.

    I've already run Windows Memory Diagonostic so it's not a memory error, and if it's necessary I can run Furmark tommorow and see if the screeching/freezing continues.

    If it doesn't then I suppose it's the power supply i guess(CX750)
  3. Is this a new build? When was the last time you opened the case?
  4. In terms of usage yes it's new, only used I'd say max 3 hours. I've opened the case many times, at least 10 times, to change my heatsink from my broken H60 to the NH-D14.
  5. Well heating doesn't seem very likely with those idle temps. Have you plugged in both 24 and 8 pin connectors to the motherboard properly? I would also double check that the GPU is firmly seated in the PCIE slot and that the PCIE power cables are connected properly.

    I've had a very similar case scenario with a PCIE power coming only slightly loose from the GPU while doing cleaning.
  6. Apparently the GPU was not fully in the PCIe slot, however I just felt this and I'm not sure if it was really not fully plugged in or if it was just me.

    I'll test it tommorow and if it doesn't work I'll change a PCIe slot.
  7. Help?
  8. Quote:

    Why would you said help? after you realize that the gpu wasnt fully in the PCIe slot..Push it in and test and let us know what happens
  9. No putting it in didn't help, it still freezed and crashed after about 10 minutes of gameplay.

    updated sound drivers, that may help any other solutions?
  10. Now I've put an extra fan blowing on the GPu and will see if that helps

    Also sometimes the game doesn't even start, sometimes starting the game results in a blackscreen and i have to force shutdown.
  11. Furmark for 5-10-ish minutes doesn't cause a freeze+buzzing. Also, Shogun Total War 2 doesn't appear to cause it either.

    Anybody help?

    Shogun crashed after about 15 minutes, nvm.
  12. This is getting ridiculous.

    I spent 1500+ on this build, and it looks like I'm going to be stuck with a flawed solution incapable of anything higher than video watching for years.

    Basically when starting a game like Hitman Absolution or Shogun 2 it'll let me play fine for 10 minutes or so, with 50+ FPS maxed settings 1920x1080 with no screen tearing or lag whatsoever. Then the game will freeze and an extremely loud buzzing will come out of the monitor's speakers

    I've tried

    Underclocking GPU
    switching SSD SATA cable
    reseating GPU
    Changing PCIe slot
    adding fans

    and the list just goes on, the temps are all fine, my NH-D14 Has my 3930k below 50C at all times and my GPU never gets above 50C.
  13. Are you using a DisplayPort? There's VGA, DVI, HDMI, and the new DisplayPort style.

  14. No 3rd revision HDMI with Ethernet.
  15. What monitor do you have? I'm leaning towards a cable issue. With the different revisions of HDMI and the new DisplayPort, the issue you're stating I typically see caused by the new DisplayPort or HDMI cables. Basically what can happen is both technology send power across the cable and when things heat up, improper shielding allows for certain frequencies to transfer, monitor don't like it, video card won't understand what happened to the data and you get a freeze with a weird sound from the monitor.

    Happens a lot with DisplayPort cables, and I've seen it much more lately with the new HDMI v3. Get an older HDMI cable if you can. Cheap one from Wal-Mart for $6 online.
  16. Well parents have what i belive is v2 HDMI, I can try that.

    My monitor is a Samsung T22B350. GPU is Radeon Sapphire 7950.
  17. Which maker on your card? When I looked up a couple of those, the ones I saw have 2 mini hdmi, 1 DisplayPort and 1 DVI port.
  18. Also. I don't know if you've looked elsewhere, but you're not alone. found this Article based on your same VideoCard, and the simliar model just above, same motherboard, etc.

  19. date stamp shows that that thread seems to be from right after 7xxx debuted.

    I hope drivers fixed it and its a cable issue >.>
  20. Yeah. Literally, half my friends had weird HDMI and DisplayPort cable issues. Should never be an issue and it happened to several of us. Seemed to only happen to my friends and me that had monitors that were or supported HDTV.

    Other things to try, just in case. Try both enabling and disabling VSYNC in the graphics settings for your games. Try turning down the graphics and see if the problem goes away also. But like you said, hopefully drivers have been updated and resolved the issue and you just have a simple cable problem.

    good luck to you,
  21. Yep my monitor is HDTV, i think this is going to fix it:)

    Thanks, you should post more around here :)
  22. I post on a LOT of different forums. I'm a Sr. Network Admin and a huge gamer so anytime I search information that brings me to a site, I try to contribute to that site as a thank you and help someone else. Looks like you have a great gaming rig though. not sure what your old rig was, but minus this issue, should be a great rig.

    I'm still running an Overclocked Intel Core 2 Quad 6600 @ 4ghz, 12GB of ram and a MSI OC'd GTX560 Ti Twin Frozr graphics card. 256GB Vortex SSD for OS and a few games, then also have 4 SATA3 Seagate 2TB Drives in a Raid 10 set for all my other data. I haven't found anything I can't play yet at max graphics. So you should be good!
  23. Let me know how the cable works out or if you still have issues. Just curious if that fixes it.
  24. i might get it tested tonight but definitely by tommrowo.
  25. it appears to be working based off 20 mins of hitman absolution, before i could ususally get only 5-10.

    i'll need to test more though.
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    Monitor buzzes and freezes in a game.
  27. Is this fixed now? I didn't see any more responses after the 1-12 when you and I talked about it potentially being just a simple cable. Also, what power supply do you have in the system? Did you make sure there were enough rails and amp supplied to the video card?

    If you're still having issues, try the VSync option to enable that. And also try disabling some things like AntiAliasing and stuff to see if maybe its a particular feature that causes the issue.
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