Can a single GTX 680 handle 3d surrond gaming?

Just curious and dreaming about it. :bounce:
Can a single 2GB GTX 680 run a game like Battlefield 3 or Crysis 2 at 30+ fps on three displays at 1080p with Nvidia 3d enabled? Or do I need two or three 4GB GTX 680 in SLI?
Another question, is there a game that is PhysX enabled with 3D Surrond support? I am thinking that a game like that would need three way sli.
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  1. Not very well, you don't need the 4GB model, but you'd want at least 680 SLI.
  2. Edit:
    Running 3x3D monitors in 1080P = 5760x1080x2 res is quit demanding, and a singel GTX 680 would not be able to do this on other than low quality settings.
    670's 2GB would be good enough for this but get the 4Gb versions if you can.
    Though a much cheaper and better option is her in my other thread :)
  3. You could do 3D on a single 680 with 2 gigabytes of memory however it would be advisable to get a 4 gigabyte card. Which in turn would put you in the ballpark of what Alex is experiencing 30-40 fps in games. There are games that use physx and are 3D surround supported. You would do just fine with two 680's that had 4 gigabytes of ram to give you the room you needed.

    Both PHYSX and Surround
    Borderlands 2
    Batman Arkham City
    METRO Last Light
    METRO 2033

    I know BF3 does 3D and surround as well
    Crysis 2 does both 3D and surround
  4. If you want a more extensive list they outline everything here
  5. Well as i said, if he dont have the money a singel GTX 680 is more than enough, atleast a 4gb version than u can ugrade later.
    Though Im not saying you can run 3x3D monitors in surrond that reqruires atleast 2x670's and better 2 680's in sli.

    Im using a semi 3d surround setup with 2 2D monitors left and right, and 1 3D in the middel. It reqruires a lot less of your GPU so even a 2gb 680 would be good. But get the 4gb.
    Iv tested this with 670's and 680's
  6. well alek what setting are you using for 1 monitor in 3d & 2 monitor in 2d
  7. Edited my first post read it :)
    As i missunderstod the first question
  8. Edited my first post read it :)
    As i missunderstod the first question
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