Does I7 3930k Bottleneck Radeon 7970?

Im a little confused. I recently bought an i7 3930k, and a radeon 7970. I booted up bf3 got the latest 12.11 driver, max settings, and I only get 60 fps? I saw videos where people are getting 100+ with the radeon and driver, and I only get 60. The 3930k is clocked at 3.2Ghz and the radeon is stock clock. In games like arma. i get like 40 fps. Does my cpu bottleneck my gpu?
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  1. No, there is no [conceivable] way that your CPU bottlenecks. I don't know where the problem is, could you give us more details? Specs, temps during play?
  2. Sorry but nobody is getting 100+fps in BF3 multiplayer at 1080p ultra settings on a single 7970.

    Your BF3 fps sounds fine, and my guess is your ARMA II fps is fine too - I've not played it but I've heard repeatedly that it's a CPU-bound game. It may not use all the cores on your CPU effectively.
  3. so how would i get these say cores to work?
  4. Can't, the games have to be programmed to use multiple cores. Many games still only use 2 cores. Some will use 4. Only a few will use more than 4.

    That's why the best gaming CPUs are the 2500k/3570k - games just don't use any more CPU power than those offer, really.
  5. If you wanted/want more fps, buy another card to crossfire.
    That cpu will not bring any fps gains vs other quad core from intel.
  6. 3.2GHz is way slower than your cpu will OC. Do you have a cpu cooler - if not get one and crank up your clock to 4.2-4.5GHz.
  7. Overclocking might help push your fps some because the games will focus more on cpu speed than the amount of cores
  8. Maybe in BF3 you have Enabled V-sync and your Monitor is only 60Hz.
    So you'll just get 60fps. Nothing more than that.

    And for Arma II, its a old game.
    It isn't optimized for i3\5\7 series
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